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The Residences at St. Matthew

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St. Matthew School and the activities building are located at 6000 Audubon Rd, Detroit, MI 48224 is being converted into new affordable housing apartments.  The buildings have been vacant for nearly a decade and this new development will allow these sound buildings a new purpose by enhancing the lives of many in the community!


The Residences at St. Matthew Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is happening to the St. Matthew School building?
St. Matthew School is being converted into new affordable housing apartments: The Residences at St. Matthew. The building has been vacant since 2013.
Who is making this happen?
This is a collaborative effort by St. Matthew Parish, Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan (CCSEM), Ascension Michigan and civic leadership to repurpose the vacant buildings into a new community resource. It will provide an attractive and long-term use for the buildings that benefits the community and helps meet the great need for affordable housing in the city. It’s part of the mission of Catholic Charities, both locally and nationally, to provide housing solutions.
What will be included in this new development?
A total of 46 housing units. On-site health care will be provided through a collaboration with Ascension. The former gym will be converted into a community service space.
Who will be living in The Residences at St. Matthew?
These will be mixed-income units for Detroiters currently experiencing housing instability.
Who is paying for this?
The project, which is being led by Catholic Charities of Southeast Michigan, is being supported through city, state, and federal funding. The total investment for the building conversion is over $17 million dollars.
Why is this being announced/started now?
On June 15, project leaders learned from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority that this project was approved for “low-income housing tax credits” that will provide a majority of the development costs.
How has the community been informed about the project?
Over the last two years, CCSEM has been in regular communication with the St Matthew parish family, along with local neighborhood organizations including MorningSide, East English Village, MECCA and U-SNAP-BAC.
Will this project lower residential property values?
No. It actually will help improve the neighborhood, because it redevelops a building that has been vacant since 2013.
When will renovation start and when will it be completed?
Renovations will begin in 2023 and are planned to be completed approximately 18 months after the start date.
When can I sign up to get an apartment?
When construction begins, we will provide more information and start taking inquiries on the www.ccsem.org/residences website. Keep checking this website for further updates.

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