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Steve Helsel

Steve Helsel is a Limited Licensed Professional Counselor who earned his Bachelor’s degree from Oakland University, majoring in Psychology with a concentration in child and adolescent psychology. Steve also earned a Master’s of Arts degree from Siena Heights University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has more than seven years of experience with youth, families, and individuals. Steve utilizes several therapeutic approaches with families, individuals, and groups to ensure an individualized approach to counseling. He has more than five years of experience working with at-risk youth in a variety of hospital, residential, and outpatient settings. Steve believes that counseling should be meaningful, exciting, and focused on the client. “We all know that life is a journey,” he said. “Unfortunately life isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always unfold the way we expect it to. The personal struggles you and your family are facing can have a profound effect on your mental health and overall well-being. It is my goal to help you and your family overcome the biggest roadblocks and conflicts you face with professional, compassionate and individualized counseling. I look forward to helping you begin your journey to healing!” Steve specializes is offering therapy to help clients overcome addictions and substance abuse problems, control anger, overcome anxiety and depression, address domestic violence, alleviate grief, addressing relationship issues, tackling self-mutilation and cutting disorders, as well as alleviating trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.