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Elien Gaw

Elien Gaw earned her Certificate of Human Resources from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2007. Providing social work intake services for the People’s Clinic for Better Health – a CCSEM collaboration with a local hospital, Elien has been with CCSEM and its predecessor agency in St. Clair County since 2008. Elien provides services in Port Huron at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, the location for the People’s Clinic. She is a board member of Blue Water Safe Horizons, which provides support services for the homeless as well as survivors of domestic violence. She provides support to domestic abuse victims and serves as an advocate for sexual assault at local hospitals for the St. Clair County Sheriffs Department. Elien’s clients often need either Pathway Shelter or Carolyn’s Place for temporary housing. Her work history includes working with at-risk youth at the Harvey Center through the Center for Human Resources. Her treatment philosophy is: “To find each and every resource that will benefit my patients in their lives and if possible, those family members they care about. Not only health resources, but food, shelter and the warm fuzzies in life that may make them smile.”